Welcome to the home of Diesel Performance Plus.

I started Diesel Performance Plus over 8 years ago with the goal of providing quality products at the lowest possible price.
Since then, the company has continued to grow and in turn so has the line of products offered.

It is hard for me to do this since we started out as an online company but as of 2/1/13 I have made the decision to remove all
products from our website and stop all online orders. This decision has been based on several different reasons but the main
one being that there are so many small dealers selling from their homes at cut throat prices it makes it difficult for a brick and mortar
business like ourselves to compete and still cover our overhead. By doing away with online sells we will cut our call
volume by 60-70% because we no longer have people calling all day long price shopping and taking up valuable time
we could be putting towards our local customers and work in our shop.

If you are a previous online customer please be assured we are still here to assist and support you and any
products you have purchased from us.

We do have products for sale at our facility and if you are needing any work done on your diesel pickup truck
please give us a call or stop by and see us.

- Darrell Keil, Owner -
Diesel Performance Plus LLC
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